Protected Disclosures

CIÉ Protected Disclosures Policy and Procedures 

The Protected Disclosures Act aims to protect public body employees who raise concerns of wrongdoings in the workplace relating to:

  • If an offence has been committed or is likely to be committed,
  • That a failure to comply with a legal obligation is taking place,
  • That a miscarriage of justice has occurred or is likely to occur,
  • That the health or safety of an individual is endangered or likely to be endangered,
  • That damage to the environment has occurred or is likely to occur through work practices,
  • That an unlawful or improper use of funds or resources has occurred or is likely to occur,
  • That an act or omission by a public body is oppressive, discriminatory, grossly negligent or constitutes gross mismanagement and
  • That information tending to prove any of the above is being or likely to be concealed or destroyed. 
This policy will be monitored and will updated in line with guidelines issued by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform and changes in relevant legislation.
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Protected Disclosure Annual Report 2020
Under Section 22 of the Protected Disclosures Act 2014, all public bodies shall prepare and publish a Protected Disclosures annual report in relation to the immediately preceding year. The report shall contain details of:
  • The number of protected disclosures made to the public body and
  • The actions taken in response to those protected disclosures.

Pursuant to this requirement, the CIÉ (Holding Company) hereby confirms that no Protected Disclosures were received during 2020.
Protected Disclosures are processed in accordance with CIÉ’s Group Protected Disclosures Policy and Procedure.