CIÉ Diversity and Inclusion Policy


CIÉ recognises, respects, promotes, and celebrates the value of diversity. We will adopt and implement inclusive policies and strategies which advance diversity as a positive force in the life of our company. CIÉ appreciates that diversity and inclusion bring substantial benefits to the workplace to ensure all employees develop to their full potential and the talents and resources of the workforce are fully utilised.
CIÉ is committed to creating an inclusive workplace where different ideas, experiences and skills are welcome. People differ in many ways, from variations in age, gender, physical ability, nationality, ethnic background and socio-economic status to other differences such as intellectual ability, sexual orientation, civil status, family status and religious belief. CIÉ understands that embracing these differences enriches our workplace and contributes towards creating a dynamic work environment.


The purpose of this policy is to demonstrate CIE’s commitment to equality of opportunity for existing and potential employees by promoting a work environment free from discrimination.
We are privileged to have fantastic employees from many diverse backgrounds who bring a wide range of knowledge, skillsets and thinking styles to CIÉ. Through a wide range of policies and practices, CIÉ strives to create a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Objectives of the Diversity and Inclusion Policy 

CIÉ is a workplace where everyone is encouraged and supported to participate fully, to make their contribution and progress their careers. We aim to create and maintain a workplace which is free of discrimination and prejudice. Through our Policies and training programmes we expect everyone to be treated fairly, with respect and be given equal opportunity in every aspect of their role.
To achieve these objectives, we will:
      ➢  Ensure that our promotion processes are open, transparent, competency based and free from discrimination and follow                  best practice.
      ➢  Ensure that remuneration and working conditions are free from discrimination. Roles are evaluated against a set criteria                  to determine the appropriate grade and related salary, terms and conditions.
      ➢  Ensure advertisements for jobs vacancies do not contain any information that would be unlawfully discriminatory.                              Applications from all sections of the community are welcome.
      ➢  Aim to have a gender balance on all interview panels.
      ➢  We will train employees involved in recruitment and promotion decisions to ensure that the process is managed in the                     most appropriate way.
      ➢  Provide working arrangements and conditions that recognise the diversity of our employees.
      ➢  Monitor and continue to develop Work Life Balance initiatives to meet the needs of our employees within operational                       requirements.
      ➢  Promote the dignity and respect of all employees and ensure a safe and secure workplace free from harassment, including              sexual harassment, and bullying through the implementation of this policy and our policy, Protecting the Workplace, the                  CIÉ Policy on Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Bullying.


This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure it reflects best practice in the area of equality, diversity and inclusion and that the objectives are being met.

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