Group Finance

The purpose of Group Finance is:

  • To co-ordinate the financial planning, analysis and reporting by the CIÉ group of companies to stakeholders
  • To ensure that the Group’s business plans can be supported by appropriate borrowing and other financial facilities.
  • Ensuring compliance with the financial, risk and procurement requirements of the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies
  • Providing financial management and support for CIE’s professional service delivery activities.

We do this by:

Liaising with the 4 subsidiary companies of CIÉ; Bus Átha Cliath, Bus Éireann, CIÉ Tours Inc. and Iarnród Éireann to:  
  • Ensure that adequate funding is in place to meet daily requirements and surplus funds are deployed efficiently.
  • Monitor and control capital expenditure in accordance with the Group’s internal approvals regime.
  • Monitor business performance in accordance with approved business plans.
  • Maintaining the Property Register for the CIÉ estate.
In respect of Holding Company financial management activity, Group Finance is responsible for:  
  • Maintaining the Property Register for the CIÉ estate.
  • Maintaining an appropriate range of relationships with financial institutions and other professional advisory undertakings.
  • Monthly Executive Payroll.
  • Accounts Payable.
  • Pension Fund accounting.
  • Managing the taxes of CIÉ and making timely payments through ROS of any taxes that fall due.

Fiona O'Shea

 Chief Finance Officer