Heuston Masterplan

Transport OrientedDevelopment (TOD) is a form of urban development that seeks to maximise the provision of housing, employment, public services and leisure space within close proximity to transport nodes (e.g. rail and/or bus) that are serviced by frequent, high quality services.
Current and future proposals for the Heuston Masterplan suggest that the major network requirements are present to deliver an exemplary development. The key for the realisation of this potential for the masterplan lies in the adherence of future development to the guiding principles of TOD, with particular reference to first and last mile connectivity by means of an interconnected street network.  The aim is to build on the existing transit connectivity of the lands toward the development of an integrated transport hub that demonstrates an exemplary form of TOD and sustainable, compact, urban growth.
As a TOD exemplar, the masterplan will provide for a minimal amount of private car-parking in the short-to medium term and facilitate the longer-term adaptation to a car-free environment. Significant cycle facilities will be present from day-one, with in-podium parking spaces in all development scenarios designed with adaptability in mind.
Key features of the Masterplan include:
  • 10 Hectares Development Site Area;
  • 210,000+ sqm Mixed-use Development
  • New DART Station at Heuston West
  • New bridges over the River Liffey
  • 1km of accessible river frontage and cycle lanes
  • 5,000 Bike Spaces
  • 1,000+ Residential Units
  • 65,000 sqm Office Space (8,000+ employees)
  • 15,000 sqm Retail
  • 250 Bed Hotel
  • Gross development Value >€1Bn
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Further details are available below.

Heuston Masterplan video

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