Group Human Resources & Organisation Development

Our Human Resources and Organisation Development (HR & OD) department's primary objective is to match the human resource capability with the strategic objectives of the Group as set by the Board of CIÉ.  We aim to recruit, develop and retain a high performing work force that is adaptable to the strategic objectives while fostering and championing a healthy, safe and productive environment for all employees.  

We design and implement solutions around matters relating to; change, technology, recruitment, staff development, performance, employee assistance, pensions, payroll and travel facilities. 

Our goals are to:

  • Continually improve individual and organisational effectiveness
  • Encourage, support and develop a diverse workforce
  • Anticipate and meet the changing needs of the workforce
  • Champion career and professional growth
  • Encourage communication and teamwork

Image of Aidan Grogan - Head of HR
 Aidan Grogan

 Head of Group HR & OD