CIÉ Group Sustainability Action Areas

Strategy Review - Action Areas

Low Carbon Transition 

CIÉ Group is taking action to meet our our 51% GHG reduction by 2030 and net zero by 2050 targets with a transition to low and zero emission fleet technology and the introduction of measures to mitigate and improve energy efficiency across operations. We are working with the NTA on the procurement of low and zero emission vehicles and are preparing stations and depots for the introduction of electric vehicles. 

Over the next decade, through BusConnects, DART+ and Connecting Ireland, Bus Éireann and Bus Átha Cliath will gradually transition their fleets from diesel to zero tailpipe emission vehicles and Iarnród Éireann will add electric and battery-electric powered train carriages to their fleet.

Energy Management 

The reduction of carbon emissions required by Ireland’s CAP will be supported through energy efficiency measures, demand reduction, and the use of on-site renewables. By improving energy efficiency and incorporating renewable energy sources, CIÉ Group is actively working towards a low-carbon pathway that aligns with our long-term climate and energy targets.


As one of Ireland’s largest landowners, CIÉ Group is seizing the opportunity to protect the health of our ecosystems by investing in native planting across the network and instituting biodiversity programmed and pollinator plans.

Over 2022, a number of projects were delivered in each Operating Company, with biodiversity gardens installed across key stations and depots. Iarnród Éireann also implemented pollinator plans and developed their set of Biodiversity Guidelines.

Circular Economy

CIÉ Group is working to maximize circularity across our operations and value chain by minimizing the waste of plastics, packaging, electronics, construction and building materials, and water, and increasing the recycling rate across each Operating Company. In 2022, the Group made progress towards improved circularity across our operations and value chain by introducing new circular initiatives and increasing the recycling rate across each Operating Company.
CIÉ Group has also introduced targets for sustainable procurement through our Responsible Purchasing Policies, which were introduced across Iarnród Éireann, the CIÉ Holding Company and Bus Éireann in 2022. 

Climate Resilience

The physical impacts of climate change – changing rainfall patterns, increased intensity of extreme weather events, sea level rise, and a warming global temperate – are already being felt in Ireland. In accordance with our long term scenario planning programme, CIÉ Group is ensuring that our infrastructure and critical assets can withstand and recover from the impacts of climate change.
The Coastal Infrastructure Project of the Iarnród Éireann network is preserving the stability of the Rosslare Harbour which was vulnerable to coastal erosion. This will not only bolster the climate resilience of railway infrastructure but will ensure the longevity of the railway line, enabling efficient long-term management and maintenance of the railway corridor.

Community Engagement and Heritage

CIÉ Group is committed to provide meaningful support for community-building initiatives that address issues such as poverty reduction, food security, and environmental stewardship.
CIÉ Group is also leading several projects to preserve our cultural heritage. As a historic provider of bus and rail transport in Ireland, CIÉ Group is well placed to promote access to buildings and document archives of historical importance.

Decent Work and Wellbeing

CIÉ Group can provide a safe, high quality working environment for all employees, facilitate the development of skills and competences, reduce unemployment, and promote individual and social wellbeing, by implementing policies that protect labour rights and human rights in the workplace. CIÉ Group adheres to the UN global compact principle and gives due regard to human rights, labor rights and anti-corruption policies enshrined in the principles.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity 

We aim to ensure that every person at the CIÉ Group is empowered to participate, contribute new ideas, and receive equal opportunities. CIÉ Group is committed to providing all employees with equal opportunity for recruitment, career development, and promotion, working towards an equitable community and workplace.

We will continue to strive towards a gender balance in our workforce and enhance diversity across CIÉ group. Few of the Group’s initiatives in this sphere are Equality and Diversity training, Diversity in recruitment, LGBTQ plus workplace policy to improve diversity and inclusion, among many others.

Transit Oriented Development

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is an urban design principle that creates compact, walkable, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use communities centred around high quality public transport systems. CIÉ is committed to integrating TOD whenever feasible by utilising the extensive and centrally located property holdings in the CIÉ Group portfolio.

Embedding a Culture of Sustainability

At CIÉ Group, we recognise that our employees play a key role in our transition to a more sustainable business, and we believe all our employees play a key role in helping us achieve this. To this end, we have committed to integrating climate action and sustainability training, including green procurement training, into our learning and development strategies for staff.  

Partnerships and Knowledge Sharing

This year, CIÉ Group has continued to strengthen our partnerships with organisations that have common sustainability goals and are pivotal in offering opportunity for impact. We are working closely with our partners on a range of sustainability challenges, pooling resources, expertise, and strategic assets, in order to deliver impact at scale.

Our Partners

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Non-Financial KPIs

Measures to meet public sector climate targets and reduce the carbon footprint of the CIÉ Group operating companies has delivered year on year improvements from baselines.

The figures below highlight each operating company’s improvements in CO2 efficiencies and waste recycling from each operating company’s base year up to the end of 2022.