CIÉ and Sustainability

CIÉ and Sustainability

At CIÉ Group, sustainability is at the heart of our strategy and our overarching goal is to drive a sustainable business. With the support of our stakeholders the Department of Transport (DoT) and the National Transport Authority (NTA), we aim to meet the national targets set out in the Climate Action Plan (CAP) 2023 and support the objectives of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

The CIÉ Group sustainability strategy is a plan of action centred around the three pillars of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental. Our targets and sustainability initiatives are framed within ten action areas, spanning topics such as biodiversity, diversity and equal opportunity, and energy efficiency.

We are committed to becoming a fully sustainable business and we collaborate closely with our partners to embed sustainability throughout our operations and value chain. To ensure a holistic and global view of sustainability we have designed our strategy to align with the UN SDGs and Irish and European Union (EU) climate policy.


CIÉ Group Commitments



CIÉ Group Mission, Vision and Values  

Our Mission   mission-(002).png

At CIÉ Group, we are dedicated to providing efficient and accessible transport services that enhance the quality of life for our passengers and promote social inclusion. Our mission is to deliver a safe, efficient, and low carbon public transport network across Ireland, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Our Vision    vision-(002).png

Together, with our passengers, partners, and communities, we are committed to transforming public transportation into a powerful force for positive environmental, social, and economic change.


Low Carbon Transport 

Transform our bus and rail fleets to low carbon, zero tailpipe emission vehicles


Renewable Energy 

Prioritise the adoption of efficient technologies and renewable energy sources

Responsible Resource Use

Promote the sustainable use of resources, safeguarding the environment for present and future generations


Inclusive Communities

Foster diverse and inclusive communities where every individual is valued, respected, and empowered


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Irish Transport Sector

Transport represents the second-largest source of GHG emissions in Ireland with over 11.6 million tonnes of GHGs emitted in 2022, accounting for 19.1% of total emissions. 

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CIÉ Group Sustainability - Action Areas

CIÉ Group is taking action to meet our 51% GHG reduction targets with a transition to low and zero emission fleet technology and the introduction of measures to mitigate and improve energy efficiency across operations. 

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CIÉ Group Sustainability Annual Review & Strategy

In our CIÉ Group Sustainability Annual Review 2022, we report the progress achieved across the Group to shift our operations to a more sustainable business and outline our plans for implementing this transformation over the next decade.

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